For 27 years, on our on way

We started in 1993., on the market saturated with small and large textile houses – not easy task, but at a safe pace and time, we were getting closer to the top.

Today we are one of the most prominent names on the Croatian textile market.

The goal of is to ensure product quality with the ultimate customer satisfaction imperative, in order to have  a real value - where family is, there is home.

With the control of suppliers, the origin of raw materials and the processing technology of the same, we are orientated to work as much as possible "in-house", under the same roof - in order to make as many products on our own, we design ourselves, produce ourselves, test ourselves and ensure quality and how much more of these products will be sold in our Family stores, all for your best experience.

Mission and vision

The mission of the company Intertekstil Stanić is to provide, through its own and original products, it's customers with an excellent product at a great price.The highest internal value of the company is its employees, in whose progress we are continually investing, and an open and transparent relationship with the community, partners and customers, and sustainable development represent the business policy on which the company builds the future.

The vision is to remain the leading company for selling home textiles in Croatia through the continuation of the expansion of the retail chain Family Shop, the development of HoReCa programs and their own designer brands Nautika, Mare Nostrum and Croatian Cities, as well as their own production through a unique sewing service tailored to their ultimate goal the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our desire is to stimulate the awareness of Croatian consumers about the products of the Croatian textile industry and to make the products more competitive on the external market.