Date of publication: 09.08.2016.

If it's been more than six months since the last time you cleaned the pillows, it's time to afford them a bath! These are the best ways to clean your pillows.

Pillows filled with feathers and artificial fibers

We have good news – this pillows can be washed in your washing machine! For best results, we recommend that you wash the two pillows at a same time (to keep the balance in the washing machine).

If you accidentally have the washing machine with top loading and agitators, place the pillows vertically to minimize the possibility of damage to the pillow by wrapping around the agitator (though, generally, we do not recommend to wash the pillows in such a washing machine).

If your pillow has maintenance instructions on the label, be sure to read and follow the instructions on it. If you do not have the tag or you have cut it, use cold to lukewarm water (30°) and a gentle cycle (modern washing machines usualy have a 'Sensitive' or similar program).

Sometimes it's a good idea to add a Rinse-and-spin with cold water. If you have a dryer, dry pillows at low temperatures, preferably turn them slightly and shake. Also, it is a good idea to put a couple of rubber balls in the dryer (so that the filling after the drying is more solid)

Foam pillows

NUnfortunately, the foam pillows can not be washed in the washing machine, but if they have a removable case, you can wash it according to the instructions on the label. To remove dust from these pillows, pass both sides with a vacuum cleaner (with small extension) and with less power.

If possible, you can place the pillow in dryer (air only) for 20 minutes. Clean the areas with the stains with a cloth and water with a little soap and wipe with a second, damp, cloth. After cleaning, allow the pillow to dry completely before returning it to bed.

Some foam pillows come with manual washing instructions. If you decide to follow them, be extremely gentle with them - the wet foam is difficult and easy to tear. To ensure that the pillows stay clean longer, you can buy or give extra impermeable protection between pillows and pillowcase that you can wash once a month.

When to change the pillow

We all get used to our pillows and it is hard to get separated from them, however, no matter how diligent we clean and wash the pillows and covers, your pillow will lose form and sooner or later the pillow will have to be replaced with a new one (also, for three years, the average pillow collects its own weight of dust, mud and dead skin).

Some experts recommend changing the pillow every two years but, of course, the decision is all yours.

If you are not sure if your pillow works it's job as it should, try to answer these three questions:
•    Is filling in your pillow bumpy instead of soft?
•     If your pillow is made of feathers, do you need to shake your pillow (and beat) to properly support you?
•    If you fold a pillow in half, does it stay folded (instead of returning to the original form)?
If the answer to at least one of these three questions is 'yes', it is time for nice, new pillow.

If you do not want to throw your old pillows, you can always use them somewhat differently (such as a pet bed, garden furniture with colorful pillowcases of decorative materials).