Date of publication: 03.05.2016.

Folded and rolled towels are a great way to save space, and at the same time create a visually interesting bathroom. Fold the towels in colors and place them in baskets or boxes for "The WOW" look of the bathroom.

Towels folded this way allow you to use your storage space to store your less on eye enjoyable supplies (razors, shampoos, brushes, etc.) and look better than towels folded on half.

The rolled

Towel Gracia Rose rolled

Place the towel on the table or the other flat surface. Take the towel in three lengths and half in width. Swing from the folded edge toward the open edge, holding the towel flat to make the towel look as smooth as possible.


Once rolled, the towels are usualy staying that way if you fold them properly. Of course, you can completely prevent unwinding by binding them with a decorative strip. Or, more creative, you can do it with smaller towel - use a ribbon or a smaller towel of the same color or complementary to the towel (or to match the color of your final decorations).

Color palette

Colored Agata towels

Organize towels in such a color scheme to really lift the bathroom. Simple version are white or black towels (or some greyish in between) which matches with all kinds of decor. More complicated version are colored towels - take two or three colors that are the same or complementary color scheme of the bathroom. For instance, the blue bathroom will look best with the blue, green or white towels.

Boxes and baskets

Arrange towels in boxes and baskets. For spa effect, knit baskets look the best. For a more modern look, use  simple (metal) boxes. Be creative and mix a few different styles and sizes of boxes in one space. Put towels upright in boxes and baskets - put enough towels to make the baskets full, but not overwhelmed. Another nice idea is vases where only a couple of towels can stand.

Wine racks

Wine rack

Here's a strange and cool idea - if you have enough space in the bathroom and you want to make a large 'showcase' with towels, the rack or shelf is an ideal option. Every soaking towel perfectly seated in place of a wine bottle. For a modern look, a clean metal stand will be sufficient. For vintage look, choose some antique. But, of course, a simple wooden stand complies with almost any bathroom.

Extra towels

Big shelves, and set-outs are not necessary and not the only way to exhibit your towels and decorate the bathroom. Take 2-3 towels (the excess left behind after folding in the basket) and place them in a place where they are easily accessible. Edge of bathtub, top cabinets, or window sills are excellent places to decorate with a towel. Two towels in a brave colors modern colors in a good position can change the look of the bathroom!


Accessories for rolled towels

For final 'touch', there are extras (otherwise, accessories :P). Think about functionality - with a towel, you will use hard soap, so add a nice and fragrant soap to the top of the pile of complex towels. Loofah sponges and candles are also  a charming addition to or on towels. Use long and thin decorations in boxes and baskets - swing a peacock feather or a twig! :D


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