Date of publication: 28.07.2017.

This summer in cinema Minions, Cars and Spiderman came to us, and by the end of the year for big kids, Star Wars is coming. We are sure that now your children want everything with the motives of their favorite cartoon characters. 

Do you remember how many times did you have a problem to make your child go to bed? Admit that there was anything, blackmail and bribery. With bedding with your child's favorite cartoon characters, your child will love to go to bed.  

  • How Gru has become good

Gru pulled out a thicker end in the mission that was supposed to stop the brave criminal Balthazar Bratt. After they have been released from the Anti-Villain Alliance, Gru finds himself in the middle of a major identity crisis. But a mysterious stranger appears and Gruu says he has a long-lost brother twin Dru. He wants to become one of the world's biggest defenders, and Gru re-finds how good feeling is to be the real villain. Throughout the story, the Minions are still playing as faithful escorts, and they accompany you sleeping. Bedding is 100% cotton and exceptionally soft. The whispering prints and vivid colors will glitter at Minion's loony and embellish you in their world.

  • Cars 3

Ignited by new faces on the racing scene, the legendary Lightning McQueen is suddenly thrown out of a sport that worships more than anything else in the World. To become competitive again, he will need help from the young technician Cruz Ramirez. McQueen will be tested on the biggest Piston Cup track where he will prove that number 95 is not over yet. We have decided to support him with new bedding and pillows

  • Spider-Man 

Excited by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home. Still under the tutelage of Tony Stark, Peter is trying to live a normal life. But that does not work because he wants more than anything else to become a new supper hero who will fight against the world's greatest villains. The real moment for it might come much earlier than Peter hoped when a new villain appeared in the city The Vulture. With spider net, Spiders and Spider-Man in Action, add a dose of adrenaline fighting against the villain in the kids' room. We are sure your child will not be afraid of the darkness with the supper hero next to him.

  • Star Wars: The last Jedi

For those of a little older, there's the eighth sequence of the famous Star Wars series. The film is released on December 15 and we are eagerly awaiting to find out who the last Jedi is. The eighth episode continues where the previous film "The Power Wakes Up" is when Rey is surrendering Luke Skywalker's laser sword to the top of an isolated mountain. In line with the impatient expectations of the new sequel from the Star Wars series and the children's room, they get a galactic update with new bedding. Stormtrooper - a member of the Elite Army, fanatically loyal and without knowledge of surrender, is on the bedding. Their white armor allows for survival of high and low temperatures and oxygen shortage. They wear blast guns and pistols to handle with great skill and attack the hordes to discourage the enemies.