Date of publication: 13.06.2017.

Refresh your pillows and duvets, for more comfortable and healthier dream - we are revealing a few tricks on how to replace stale odor of your duvets and pillows with fresh smell of spring and summer.

The laundry process seems quite simple. Every few days (or, if you have a big family, every day and more often) we stuf the washing machine with dirty clothes, add a detergent and softener, a washing machine do it's work, and we have fresh clothes within a few hours. But even with laundry routine, only a few of us wash their bedding every week and two, and we often wash pillows and duvets once a year.

We know how to find inspiration - just remember the millions of dead skin cells and sweat that your body leaves on bedding, pillows and duvets, especially in these warmer months. Mites feed themself with our dead skin cells and sweat and start their reproduction - with these are coming problems with eyes, asthma and various other types of bacteria as blind passengers. If you now have the need to take your pillows and duvets to wash, we have a few tricks for you:

  • To facilitate the maintenance of pillows and duvets, try washing them in the washing machine every 2 to 3 months
  • Carefully read the maintenance instructions as the fillers have different ways of maintaining
  • If you soil a duvet, shake off the fill from that area and treat the stain before placing it in the washing machine

  • Do not you know how to put a large duvet in a washing machine and to have enough space to rotate in the drum? We have a solution! Fold the duvets in half and put it in the washing machine. The weight of the duvet will spread evenly and the washing machine will not make too much noise
  • Wash the pillows and duvet at a moderate speed of washing machine and try to dry them in the air later
  • Rinse pillows two times
  • If you dry the pillows in the clothes dryer, dry them gently and gradually. Pull out the pillow and shake it to "suck" and repeat the process until it becomes completely dry
  • Synthetic pillows can be dried at the lowest temperature - try to put some tennis balls covered with old socks to prevent fibrous busting. This trick also applies to pillows filled with feathers

  • If you have a dryer, enjoy soft cushions so you can put them once a week to quickly wash and remove dead skin cells and moisture from the pillow
  • By druying the pillows and duvets in the sun you kill bacteria and mites, and in winter you can easily iron to remove any remaining bacteria and mites
  • Unfortunately, you can not put the memory foam pillow in the washing machine, but you can their pillow case. To get rid of dust from this kind of pillow, vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner on both sides. You can put the cushion in the dryer for 20 minutes
  • If stains appear on the memory foam pillow, clean that part with a diluted detergent and rinse with a damp cloth. Let the pillow to dry in the air before puting on a clean pillow case

These few tips should help you remove scents from the duvets and pillows but if they still have an unpleasant smell, it would be time to replace them.