Date of publication: 18.04.2017.

When you think of satin, the first thing you have in mind is silk. That is not wrong, but it's not quite right. Silk can be satin, but satin doesn't have to be silk. Then, what is satin acctualy?

Satin is a resultof weaving thread in the atlas bond. In such a way of weaving, there is a relatively small number of tie points, or relatively large parts of non-threaded fabric, which give smooth and shiny surfaces.

Satin fabrics are very popular, both for household and hotel use, due to their fineness, silky touch and glossy surfaces. By developing textile technologies and fiber processing, satin becomes more affordable. Today we have available various variations of cotton satin, which are obtained from 100% of the finest cotton:

  • Smooth satin – without any woven pattern
  • Relief or 'Jacquard' satin – made on a Jacquard loom with different motifs (strips, cubes, balls, roses, lace - usually monochrome, but may be in multiple color threads). The common name for this satin is a damask, which is again partly true and partly wrong - but it is a story for another time.

Vrste žakard satena

How to recognize quality satin?

When buying and choosing satin, you should pay attention to two very important factors:

  1. Composition -different materials can be used. It is mostly cotton, but often comes in combination with other materials, most often polyester (so-called polycotton combinations with different ratios). The most popular are satins from natural fibers (silk and cotton) which are more expensive considering that their production is more complex and longer than the shorter production of synthetic fibers.
  2. Construction – there is an important factor of density (and therefore strength) of weaving. The density of the weave is closely related to the quality of fine thread. If the threads are thicker (and longer) and the weft density itself will be higher

Satenska posteljina Fantasy

If you want to enjoy an extremely enjoyable sleep experience, satin is the right choice. Because of all its positive features, when selecting bedding, satin takes the first place - are very comfortable for sleeping in warmer periods but also in winter.

If you are looking for an ideal satin for this spring and the coming summer, we have prepared for you collection Gloria, of wonderful motifs. The intense color of the faces of these bedding calms the backs of discrete geometric shapes.