How do I buy something?

On the item page, select the size from the drop-down menu, quantity on + i - signs, and then click on Add to basket button.

Right after that, you have a choice to Finnish shopping, Review basket or continue shopping.

You can access your shopping basket at any time via the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner.

You can complete the purchase via the button FInnish shopping, located in the upper right corner (or by clicking on the basket and on Finnish shopping if you are on a mobile device).

By clicking on Finnsih shopping you come to three steps to fill in your purchase order. Before you buy something, read ours terms and conditions.

Is registration needed?

No, you can just enter your email address (to let us send you confirmation about ordering) and delivery information (to know where to send order to you). However, if you register, you will be a bit dearer to us, you'll get the sales announcements first, you'll be able to track all your purchases (and you will not have to enter data each time you buy something from us). Of course, we will keep your information safe and for ourselves (like the snake its legs).

What if I register and forget my password?

By clicking on the log in button, and then Forgot your password? Ask for a new one. You get a new password on your email and you are back with us!

Does the discounts sum?

No, you can use only one type of discount on each item, unless otherwise indicated - for example, you can not use a percentage coupon on discounted items (such as, for example, the one you get for applying to the newsletter), while it's possible that you can use a fixed-price coupon (such as, for example, a coupon obtained as a prize).

How can I pay?

  • With credit cards (American Express, Diners, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard)

How do I know that card payment is safe?

We protect your information by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption protocol and MD5 algorithm. Dobule firewall layer and ISO 8583 standard provide your data safe between payment systems and credit cards.

What is the delivery price?

9,90 eur for orders up to 75 eur. Totally free for orders above this amount. :D

How to choose the right size?

At any time you can view Size guide. If you are not sure after that, please contact us by email or facebook.

Can I return the damaged product?

Of course! You can find all the information about the terms of the purchase here!

Do you have additional questions?

Contact us!