Leaders of HoReCa program by region

Zagreb, North and Central Croatia

Martina Novak

T: +385 1 2481 833

M: +385 91 3360 140

E: martina.novak@intertekstil-stanic.hr

South and Central Dalmatia

Alen Roguljić

T: +385 21 459 510

M: +385 91 4813 080

E: alen.roguljic@intertekstil-stanic.hr

Zagreb and Slavonija

Nena Gavranović

T: +385 1 2481 833

M: +385 91 4451 879

E: nena.gavranovic@intertekstil-stanic.hr


Lara Beber

T: +385 1 2481 834

M: +385 91 445 1851

E: lara.beber@intertekstil-stanic.hr

North Dalmatia and Shore

Vlasta Tauković

T: +385 1 2481 833

M: +385 91 483 6199

E: vlasta.taukovic@intertekstil-stanic.hr

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More about program

Our specialized HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) program covers the offer for hotels, apartments, and restaurants te public and private institutions such as senior homes, hospitals, kindergartens etc.

We pay special attention to the equipment of ships pa vam, uz već so with the already existing offer, we offer you the services and knowledge of our designers, and our production. We tailor everything that makes staying on board more pleasant.

Our hotel offer is intended for everyone who wants to offer their guest a welcome-based style, elegance and quality. We follow new trends in design and technology, ensuring that price and quality are best for you.

We want you to be more competitive and ultimately interesting to your guests and that you can find everything you need for it in one place.

With a large selection of already made items, we also offer you an individual approach with the support of our experts and our own production.

Professionality and performance efficiency, sewing and assembly services, respecting the agreed deadlines, are additional reasons to contact us with full confidence!