Date of publication: 02.05.2016.

Our dream is most often hindered by completely banal things. Make use of these 5 tips to make small changes for better dream.

Make some space

Get rid of confusion and rush for clarity and serenity. Even if you do not see it while you are sleeping, you know that the mess is there and it will affect your mood when you wake up – try not to put anything around the bed and let the room breathe.

Get rid of things that do not have a positive purpose and remove things that hinder you, such as open cabinets and overcrowded comforters.

Select the dormant color palette

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Quiet and relaxing atmosphere requires calm and soft colors. Such colors are comfortable and they are helping to your dream and relaxation. Use warm and cold shades and interlard them in neutral colors to create a balance.

Calming lights

Dormant bedroom

The bedroom that calms you and helps you fall asleep faster should be dark or at least try using gentle lighting. Reduce the outside light, add a "blackout" curtain, and try using light bulbs or mild ambient lighting.

Get rid of electronic devices

Blue light and LED displays are not only harmful to your sight - this kind of light also hampers the production of melatonin hormones, which causes the body to receive the wrong sleep signals. So leave the television in the living room and set the rule for 20 minutes if you just have to go through the email before bed.


Bed with headboard on the wall

In order to feel centered and balanced, place the bed on the headboard beside the wall so that you can see all the openings (windows, doors).